No compromise on quality and taste

In 1934, Karl Schneider founded the traditional family business "Der Metzger Schneider" in Stuttgart, which has now spanned four generations. After the Second World War, the newly built head office opened with an additional large kitchen.

Continuously growing, "Der Metzger Schneider" moved into its new EU facility in Freiberg am Neckar in 1992. Under the management of Wolfgang Schneider, the company is develo-ping into one of the most modern businesses in Baden-Württemberg, whose succession is already assured by his sons Kevin and Marc Schneider.

Enjoyment and excellent product quality are top priorities for the company. For perfect meat quality, products are sustainably processed from predominantly regional, certified farms accor-ding to the company's own traditional recipes. In addition, attention is paid to the right ingredients, such as high-quality raw and natural spices. "When it comes to quality and food safety, we make no compromises. We guarantee the highest hygiene and food safety with absolute freshness through regular quality controls." Through a carefully planned produc-tion chain with precisely defined processes and unrestricted traceability of raw materials and ingredients, "Der Metzger Schneider" meets the internationally recognised IFS-Food safety and quality standard.

In order to meet the high standards in the realisation of the smoke-cooking area, "Der Metzger Schneider" also relies on equipment and expertise from REICH. In a collaborative partner-ship, every detail was planned and implemented in detail. Thus, two AIRMASTER® UK 5000 BE, two AIRMASTER® UK 2500 BE, one AIRMASTER® KK 5000 BND as well as three K 400 ND cooking kettles are used in the new building.

Products from "Der Metzger Schneider" are appreciated be-yond the country's borders. REICH's systems are used to produce a variety of popular typical Swabian specialities, such as Swabian Maultaschen [spinach and meat ravioli], lentils with spaetzle [noodles], butcher's platters and many more. While the lentils are gently cooked in the low-pressure steam boilers, the REICH universal plants guarantee juicy, golden-smoked sau-sages in tender natural casings. The REICH cooking chambers boil the Maultaschen in a standardised manner with optimum product quality and also guarantee safe post-pasteurisation for all packaged products. During the day, the typical boiled and cooked sausage items as well as cooked cured products are produced, and the integrated climate package enables the production of thin raw sausages, bacon and cold-smoked bellies overnight.

In this way, Metzger Schneider GmbH achieves optimum capa-city utilisation with maximum flexibility.