Consumers are increasingly turning to thin raw sausages. This popular snack item is often taken on leisure trips, hikes or enjoyed by the water and scores points thanks to its advantages. The snacks, which can be kept unrefrigerated and are usually packaged in attractive protective gas packaging, are impressing consumers both in terms of taste and presentation. They are often sold at a pre-defined sales weight, which necessitates precise production.

Whereas in the past an acceptable consistency in the maturing and drying process could only be achieved by moving the smoke trolleys and rehanging the sausages, the REICH AIRMASTER® KKRI-DK ClimaStar series of air-conditioning cold-smoke units make precise production child's play. These air-conditioning units work with intelligent air flow: During maturing and drying, the products are alternately treated from bottom to top with vertical air inflow and then from top to bottom with horizontal air inflow.

An optimised, programmable alternating flap creates an air roller in the treatment chamber which, especially in multi-row systems, guides the drying air very specifically only through the sausage bundles and not into the undesired free space between the drying trolley and the wall, the so-called “bypass area“.

By reversing the drying direction and optimising the flow of air through the smoke trolleys, it is possible to produce the products with minimum standard deviations and thus maximum yield in the entire treatment area, especially with short process times.

The uniform ripening and drying of the products is not only reflected in the consistent weight loss, but also means that the best-before date can be set more precisely and that the ripening aroma and product quality are evenly formed.

Achieving high weight losses in the shortest possible time often requires a large energy input. But REICH has a good solution for this too: The so-called REICH ECOMIZER. An integrated fresh air enthalpy control in combination with high fresh and discharge air volumes reduce the use of expensive cooling energy to a minimum. As soon as it is possible to mature and dry with outside air, the fresh air and discharge air flaps open automatically and precisely set the desired climate. This saves expensive cooling energy and protects the environment.