G 700 H-series

The new generation wood chip smoke generator

The MaxxSmoker smoke generator series is based on a popular and well-developed design, and is trusted by REICH customers around the world and used in hundreds of different projects. Despite regular model updates, new requirements from industry and trade necessitate ongoing and thorough revisions.

Users of REICH smoke generators today expect more than just reliable smoke production and a consistent, high volume of smoke. Other factors such as operational safety, occupational protection, maintenance and care work, operating and energy costs, and of course the purchase price are becoming more and more important.

That’s why REICH engineers developed the MaxxSmoker G 700 H-series as a new platform to fulfil current customer requests and expectations. The new series combines trusted functional elements from the current generation with innovative updates.

By further developing the functional elements used in carbonisation, we will be able to fulfil requirements for constant, high smoke volumes and adjustable smoke intensity even better in the future.

To meet customer requests for low maintenance and care requirements during operation, G 700 H series units are equipped with automatic ash washout. This eliminates the need to manually empty the ash container. Instead, ashes are first extinguished and then washed out into a large drawer in the bottom of the smoke generator. This can be emptied safely and easily even without opening the charring area.

Another innovation is the automatic charring sieve. This can both extinguish the firebed after the smoke generation process and remove tar deposits in the charring sieve with integrated sieve cleaning. That makes G 700 H series smoke generators optimal for long-lasting smoking processes.

In addition, the new smoke generators have an integrated extinguishing system. Once the integrated sensors report an excess temperature, an automatic, preventative extinguishing process is carried out to prevent damage to the system and associated hazards.

Further improvements include a significantly enlarged chip container, the ergonomic design of the fill opening for wood chips, and the use of integrated signal LEDs that inform users of the smoke generator's current operating status directly on the device.

Most of the cleaning process for past wood chip smoke generators was completed manually. To reduce manual cleaning work for users as much as possible, a fully-automated CIP cleaning system has now been integrated into the new MaxxSmoker G 700 H series. The device automatically detects when cleaning is required and can complete the process independently and without any work by the user. A specialised locking mechanism allows the smoke generator to be cleaned independent of the chamber. This automatic smoke generator cleaning process has already proven to be a great feature on the unit's “big brother”, the REICH SteamSmoker S 900 H, and is highly popular.

In the future, the REICH MaxxSmoker G 700 H series will include three units: One for small systems (1 to 2 trolleys), one for medium-sized systems (3 to 7 trolleys) and one for large systems (8 to 14 trolleys).

Additional information about our one-of-a-kind solution can be found at www.reich-germany.de.