Gourmet S.A

New production facility

A fire in the Paterna industrial area on 8 February 2017 completely destroyed the facilities of Gourmet S.A., one of the most important meat production companies in the Valencia region of Spain.

Just 6 months later, the first stone was laid for reconstruction of the factory, in the same location the company had previously stood. The new systems were completed just 17 months after the fire.

Jaime Álvarez, General Manager of Gourmet explains: “The construction of our new factory was a challenge, during which we had to overcome many obstacles. Now this phase is complete, and we are glad to have new and more efficient equipment, which we are very proud of. We are looking towards the future with a sense of enthusiasm”.

The new Gourmet S.A. production facility offers everything the company needs to take on the challenges of the industry. First, transit flows in production were optimised within the factory.

In addition, the company has repositioned itself with new, higher-quality systems by REICH. Gourmet has been producing its sensitive products, available in retail stores under the brands Picken and La Cuina, on three AIRMASTER® UK 7500 G 505 H transit version universal systems since 2018, as well as three AIRMASTER® KK 7500 BND cooking systems.

Alongside our Spanish distribution partner REICH Thermoprozesstechnik Ibérica, we are proud of the trust Gourmet has shown in our systems as a key part of their successful production facility.




C/ Islas Canarias, 47.

Pol. Ind. Fuente el Jarro.

46988, Paterna. Valencia. España.


Additional information about our one-of-a-kind solution can be found at www.reich-germany.de.