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Urk, Netherlands - Rodé Vis is part of the Norwegian Leroy Seafood Group, one of the largest salmon producers in the world and Europe’s largest exporter of fish. Worldwide, the group employs around 3,800 staff and produces over five million meals per day for end customers in eighty countries. In 2016, the company achieved an annual revenue volume of 1.77 billion euros. As the market leader for processing Norwegian farmed salmon, Leroy Seafood Group seeks to continue investing in the latest, cutting-edge production technology. The company partnered with Baaijens Industrial Equipment to install the most modern salting technology along with REICH hot and cold smoking equipment at a new smoked salmon facility in Urk.

A newly established Leroy Seafood Center, with a production area of 11,000 m², is fully automated and satisfies all current and forthcoming regulations in relation to food safety and sustainability. With this fifth factory, Rodé Vis continues to focus on producing high-quality products for the global high-volume market.

Setting up the Leroy Seafood Center called for close cooperation between Rodé Vis, Baaijens and REICH in everything from its architectural design to the centre’s technical outfitting and final commissioning. The first foundations for the new site were laid on 7 April 2017, and a brand-new processing factory was created within just one year. The new centre commenced operations on 5 February 2018, meaning that the total construction time was just 40 weeks - a stellar outcome for all of the companies involved.

Following an initial consultation offered to Rodé Vis, Baaijens recommended the REICH AIRMASTER® UKQ 12500 AIRJET system, ultimately installing and commissioning several of these units. This system is the world’s most effective horizontal flow universal hot and cold smoking facility for products on grilles or in bowls. Its innovative design, high level of power reserves and the system's intelligent processes controls ensure flawless and consistent product outcomes, offering a significantly greater loading capacity compared to conventional systems. This not only allows for uniform product quality but it also optimises space and energy efficiency, lowering production costs and contributing to environmental sustainability. The new universal horizontal systems from REICH also satisfy the strict qualification requirements that have been set for this high-tech production sites in relation to constant, reproducible and energy efficient productions methods.

According to CEO Tjeerd Hoekstra, with the cutting-edge and sustainable technologies used in the Leroy Seafood Center sets the standard for how a fish production facility is meant to look and function today. “We have taken a huge step forward that will ensure continued success for our company. Rodé Vis is ready for the future”.

We are very glad that our expertise has greatly contributed to the success achieved by Rodé Vis and the Leroy Seafood Center. We wish the company all the best for the future!

Additional information about our one-of-a-kind solution can be found at www.reich-germany.de.


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