Micarna thinks sustainably and gets plenty of support from REICH systems

Tradition, sustainability, and a regional focus. Products by the Micarna Group, a Swiss producer of meat, poultry and seafood products, must meet the highest standards. With around 3,000 employees distributed across 12 companies, Micarna makes a valuable contribution to the corporate success of Migros, which has 2 million members. The goal is to achieve better value creation for over 2 million consumers each day, not simply to fulfil common standards.

Taking on responsibility, offering consumers safety, and focusing on animal welfare are some of the company's missions. They have developed regional networks over almost half a century. All of the company’s products offer seamless traceability and are subject to regular independent controls. Because of this, Micarna is a role model for its focus on people, animals and the environment in producing first-class foods.

These values are installed in young interns training with the company right from the start. Micarna’s understanding of sustainability encompasses the entire supply chain, through to recycling. At REICH, we are proud that our systems can support Micarna in its lofty goal of producing outstanding products, while helping to ensure customer satisfaction.

Micarna has been producing products on three REICH universal AIRMASTER® UK 5000 BHD systems since January of 2018. These are each equipped with our FrictionSmoker FR 1002 friction smoke generator. This smoke generator is environmentally friendly and low-emission, working in a closed CircoSystem®.

Truly a multi-talented solution, this system type is perfectly equipped for use in Micarna’s diverse applications. Like Micarna, REICH makes no compromises when it comes to quality. We offer excellent vertical integration in manufacturing. All of our systems are produced in our own factory in southern Germany, and we only purchase components from well-known, quality German manufacturers.

Micarna and Reich share the same philosophy, and we look forward to an ongoing successful collaboration with the company.


Micarna SA


You can find more information about our unique solutions at: www.reich-germany.de.