In our fast-moving world, it is becoming ever more important to ensure high quality food, even on a small time budget. Convenience products, i.e. food that has already undergone certain processing stages, are a good alternative here. An expert heat treatment and know-how when processing are therefore a basic requirement for successful, flavoursome and sensorily attractive products. Ever more companies are therefore relying on one of our concepts in the production of processed convenience products:


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AIRMASTER® UKQ AIRJET and AIRMASTER® BKQ AIRJET are the new system concepts with horizontal airflow. This design is recommended if products are overwhelmingly treated, which are on grills or in dishes. Even with small distances between levels and densely loaded goods, a completely consistent air and smoke distribution can be achieved in short process times with large loads. The AIRMASTER® UKQ AIRJET is designed for temperature ranges up to 160 °C and the AIRMASTER® BKQ AIRJET covers all applications easily up to 300 °C. With these types of units, a functioning, genuine and economic alternative to the smaller "combi-steamers" is finally on the market for the industrial production of convenience products. Standard combi-steamers are not designed for industrial production and quickly wear. Both types of AIRMASTER® system offer optimum industrial requirements both for individual products and for products in catering dishes. As a result, applications such as the steaming vegetables, the production of potato gratin, a pasta casserole and much more come child's play. Of course, simple processes such as generating pre-cooked meals, can also be carried out economically and conveniently.

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With the AIRMASTER® BKQ AIRJET all sorts of roasts, pork knuckle, suckling pigs and much more an also be processed in the high temperature range up to 300 °C, so that an even roasting colour, a crispy skin and a uniform core temperature are a matter if of course.

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