Sausage and meat products are now basic foodstuffs. They are varied and challenging in their often regionally different flavours. This means that the requirements for smoker units and smoke generation systems are often very different.



No compromises on performance, quality and efficiency.


AIRMASTER® UK has become the name for a fully developed series of modules, which meets the highest demands in respect of performance and user friendliness. It works with vertical airflow and is perfect for hanging products and is also suitable for lying products with the loading capacity adapted. A permanently further developed airflow system guarantees that the products are treated and smoked very homogeneously with the shortest process times in large loads and experience only technologically required weight loss. As a result, the AIRMASTER® UK sets new standards in respect of economy and guarantees optimum quality requirements for the finished products in the boiled and cooked sausage and cooked cured products area.

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AIRMASTER IC® InterCooler is the specialist for all combined hot smoking and intensive cooling processes. The special thing about this hybrid is its ability to realise all thermal processes, and in particular intensive cooling processes, in a single unit. With the intelligent airflow concept of the AIRMASTER® UK, a higher circulating air and fresh air capacity, and a strong and well designed intensive cooling, the AIRMASTER IC® InterCooler is setting previously unmatched standards for the entire process to the cooled,ready-to-pack finished product. Producing sausages in natural gut becomes child's play as a result, and promises a succulent and firm end product in the shortest time.

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With the AIRMASTER® UKQ AIRJET, it has been possible to achieve double loading capacities and a previously unattained consistency compared to usual systems when there are special requirements, e.g. ham production, hot-air cooking of smoked chicken fillets, hot smoking and drying process for beef jerky products and other applications.

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The AIRMASTER® BKQ AIRJET impresses in the high-temperature range up to 300 °C in the production of roasted meatloaf and liver loaf with even roasting colour, crust and uniform core temperature. Another supreme discipline in the roasting temperature range is the production of roast ham and crispy roasts. The defined splitting of a crisp rind with a uniform roast colour and consistent core temperature becomes child's play. The production of suckling pigs with a crispy rind becomes a routine.

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The AIRMASTER® ClimaStar systems of the types KRAI, KKRI and KNRI are the traditional maturing, drying and cold-smoking units for raw sausages, semi-dry products and raw ham. These ClimaStar units are mostly installed in premises built on site or in rooms with panelled construction. The airflow system in combination with the air treatment and unit controls facilitates a standardised, equalised maturing, drying and any smoking individually for each product with minimum energy consumption.

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