Pet Food

The demand for pet food, in particular for dried snack products and treats for pets, continues to grow. These products require a wide variety of different processing procedures. In addition to high-performing, efficient drying and correct, professional thermal treatment, processes also need to be economical and resource-saving.

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No compromises on performance, quality and efficiency.


AIRMASTER® UK has become the name for a fully developed series of modules, which meets the highest demands in respect of performance and user friendliness. It works with vertical airflow and is perfect for hanging products and is also suitable for lying products with the loading capacity adapted. A permanently further developed airflow system guarantees that the products are treated and smoked very homogeneously with the shortest process times in large loads and experience only technologically required weight loss. As a result, the AIRMASTER® UK sets new standards in respect of economy and guarantees optimum quality requirements for the finished products.

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AIRMASTER® UKQ AIRJET is the new system concept with horizontal airflow. This design is recommended if products are overwhelmingly treated, which are on grills or in dishes. Even with small distances between levels and densely loaded goods, a completely consistent air and heat distribution can be achieved in short process times with large loads. Air-dried snacks can thus be made absolutely evenly with up to 38 levels on one cart.

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Climatic pre-maturing systems of the AIRMASTER® KRAI series work completely independently of weather conditions with circulation air conditioning and with low energy consumption. Depending on the process and the ripening conditions, the units can be operated with fresh air. The benefits of this system with its precise control are its constantly exact temperatures and moisture levels according to the specified target values.

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REICH ATA ClimaStar defrosting (thawing) systems stand out for their economical operation and their gentle product defrosting. From thin, frozen products without packaging to thick, packaged frozen blocks - with REICH ATA systems you can handle the specific requirements of any product and any process. Of course, fully-automatic CIP cleaning is integrated.

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