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Since 1893, our goal has been to generate added value for you and your products and processes, through expertise and the power of innovation. However, tradition alone is not what makes us a good machine manufacturer. Rather, it serves as the foundation on which we build our future corporate development.

To do so, it is essential that we understand the requirements for your products and processes in detail. Only with this knowledge, we can develop innovative solutions that offer true added value every day. We do this through the close collaboration of our engineers and process technologists, who have the exciting job of bringing the two worlds of »mechanical engineering« and »food production« together.

At the same time, we remain open and sensitive to new technologies and we are ready to continue our dynamic development in recent years by further investments.

Unser Gebäude

taste engineering - since 1893

REICH is Germany's oldest name in the area of thermoprocessing systems for food and is considered one of the world's leading providers in this industry. We offer solutions for thermal treatment of meat and sausage, fish, poultry, cheese, convenience food, vegan and vegetarian products and pet food.

Made in Germany.
Made for you.

REICH stands for “Made in Germany” quality and reliability.

All REICH systems are produced in our plant with a high level of vertical integration from design to state-of-the-art sheet metal production to the final product, with outstanding quality. Carefully selecting top-class materials and components is one of our highest priorities. The fully assembled machines are inspected thoroughly on the strictest specifications. Our customers all around the world receive a ready-to-install system that can start operating within a very short time. REICH also sets extremely high internal standards for customer care and after sales services.

Take a look at what we offer – we would be happy to explain how our systems are manufactured at your personal factory tour.

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Fortifi: Food processing at its best

We're here to do one big thing very well. Our relentless focus on automated food processing solutions makes us single minded and globally present. That's why Fortifi can visualize and deliver full-lifecycle automation solutions for the entire food industry. We offer every aspect of the advanced technology necessary to set up a process and automate a plant. But our ultimate resource is our ability to understand what our customers need and to solve their real problems. Whether that requires tools, machines or a complete plant, we're ready.

Our purpose

Fortifi automated solutions transform the food processing industry with sustainable operational efficiency. As a leading strategic partner, we further our capabilities through strategic investment and prioritizing an employee and customer-driven culture. We prioritize innovation and safety while we create value for customers, society and investors.

Benefits of automation

Solve tomorrow's problems today. Manual processes alone can marginalize productivity and limit versatility. "The way it's always been done" leaves little room for new products, process innovation and improved efficiency. Now's the time to reexamine assumptions, break through obstacles and advance the food industry.

Automation makes sense in all types of manufacturing. It speeds up output, eliminates drudgery, and offsets the ebb and flow of the workforce. In food production, optimized environments enhance high-quality yields as well as safety, consistency and sustainability.

The inescapable extremes of complex food production environments make efficiency and safety difficult to achieve – without automation. Fortifi automates every aspect of operational efficiency, profitability and safety. Production efficiency respects the employee as well as the consumer and the bottom line. Automation takes the overwork out of production, and removes workers from tedium and risk at the same time that it speeds up output, eliminates contaminants and helps producers respond to new food trends.

Why Fortifi

We're solely focused on food solutions, and that's an advantage other providers can't offer. We're a global presence in every aspect of automated food processing solutions. We provide all the pieces and make them work together.

As a full lifecycle solution provider, Fortifi handles food processing automation from a 360° perspective. We identify early-phase needs, design entire plants, provide machines and tools, install and commission lines, provide field service and retrofit existing lines. We're with our customers at every step of the process and every stop on the line.

Our history