Whether human or pet food: snacks are on the rise!

Today, snack products are highly important. Perfectly packaged, easy-to-handle sticks, bars, balls or other small product formats make for the perfect bite at work, while travelling or during leisure or sports activities. And not to forget as a reward for our four-legged friends. Often, snacks are offered as equalised products with a defined weight, which results in high demands on the precision of the thermal treatment.


Perfect product quality and maximum yield

The unique and innovative REICH AIRMASTER® UKQ AIRJET systems can optimize your products and your profit.

The AIRMASTER® UKQ AIRJET is the most powerful cross airflow universal unit. It has been developed specifically for lying products and can achieve best in class uniformity and yields at highest trolley loadings.


Benefits of fully horizontal cross airflow:

  • Up to 120 % more capacity compared to vertical airflow units
  • Up to 42 levels per trolley (at a trolley height of 2 meters)
  • Highest possible uniformity in product treatment
  • Standard deviation up to lower than 1 %
  • Maximum yield of final products
  • Fastest possible amortisation of your investment