AIRMASTER® KNRI CLIMASTAR: Post-Maturing (Air-drying)

AIRMASTER® KNRI CLIMASTAR: Post-Maturing (Air-drying)

CLIMATIC POST-MATURING UNITS of the AIRMASTER® KNRI series work completely independently of weather conditions with circulation air conditioning and with low energy consumption. Depending on the process and the maturity condition, the unit can be operated with fresh air. The benefits of this system with its precise control are its constantly exact temperatures and moisture levels according to the specified target values.

  • Weather-independent as a result of circulating air conditioning
  • Variable fresh air throughput
  • Smooth speed control of the circulating air fan
  • Precise temperature and humidity values through precise controls
  • No unchecked drying of the goods at the end (dry edge)
  • Extremely energy-saving operation through precise climate control
  • Highly efficient and gentle on the product
  • Maximum measuring accuracy without moisture sock
  • Device and duct system made entirely from stainless steel 1.4301
  • Made in Germany

Climatic post-maturing units of the AIRMASTER® KNRI ClimaStar series are designed for all maturing, drying and post-maturing processes of raw sausage and raw ham, as well as for semi-dry products. Other applications are air-drying of special meat goods such as beef jerky, fish and vegetarian products. They are available for any desired number of chamber trolleys.

The control ranges for temperature and moisture are at 10°C and 18°C and 65% to 90 % relative humidity.

The centralised air treatment device is at the heart of the AIRMASTER® maturing unit. The air returned from the processing room is conditioned, i.e. cooled, dehumidified, humidified of heated, depending on the requirement. Fresh air is fed from the outside, depending on the treatment process. Units from the REICH company are equipped with large-size air coolers for quick and efficient dehumidifying. Humidifying is only activated in extreme conditions.

The treated air is fed into the processing room, i.e. to the products, through a central ventilator via the inlet channels. A changing flap system ensures that the airflow changes regularly from side to side in order to guarantee consistent conditions in the processing room.

The precision climate control allows extremely energy-saving operation. In contrast to most conventional air-conditioning systems which were characterized by ongoing counteractions of heating and cooling and humidifying and dehumidifying, the AIRMASTER® maturing units work with an MC climate control only when circulation of air is really required to transport heat, cold or moisture. This guarantees that the products are matured gently and with the maximum possible standstill and equalisation times. The circulation air speed, and with this the amount of circulated air, is determined by the water that is released from the goods. A frequency converter guarantees precise product-controlled removal of moisture; this prevents the formation of a dry edge on your valuable product.


Energy is a resource that is becoming increasingly expensive. Energy-saving and therefore environmentally friendly solutions are therefore more in demand than ever before. At REICH we have set ourselves the challenge. One result of this development is the REICH ECOMIZER. This modern fresh-air enthalpy system optimizes the drying of the product via the intake fresh air. A sensor constantly measures the climatic data of the external air and sends this to the controls. With suitable external air conditions, the cooling is only needed to temper the circulating air and no longer for drying. The REICH ECOMIZER thus provides a massive potential for saving energy.

 All climatic maturing units are designed individually for your requirements and products. For this, the performance data and the unit geometry are calculated precisely.