Cinco Tenedores S.L is a Spanish company specialized in the production of roasted stuffed meat products.

More than 25 years ago, they started such production in their factory in Torrente-Valencia. The factory occupies now a surface of ​​4000 m2 and produces 3.4 million units per year.

To prepare their roasts, based on traditional recipes, Cinco Tenedores has known how to apply the most modern technologies, thus ensuring the most strict levels of quality and food safety.

Proof of this are their achievements in recent years: they were IFS Food certified in 2011, they have been working with the Environmental Management System since 2015, they have been certified ISO 14001 since 2016 and their stuffed roast chickens were awarded as the Flavor of the Year in 2017.

The growing demand for their products encouraged the company to expand its production capacity by incorporating, among other equipment, new chambers. REICH was the selected brand.

We have worked very well with Cinco Tenedores, side by side, through our Spanish company REICH THERMOPROZESSTECHNIK IBÉRICA S.L. It was a complex work, we had the challenge of maintaining the organoleptic qualities that have made this product a success in the market, in addition to taking care of key aspects of the process such as production times, energy consumption and weight losses.

In total there are four REICH AIRMASTER® UKQ 5000 BHD AIRJET horizontal crossflow chambers in operation now. REICH thus becomes the trusted partner of Cinco Tenedores. Together we are ready for the future.



Pol. Ind. Masía del Juez - dels Gelaters 16-20, 46909 Torrente (Valencia) Spain