The REICH AIRMASTER® IC InterCooler - A powerful Hybrid

The AIRMASTER® IC InterCooler is a fully equipped hybrid system that combines the functions of an universal system (AIRMASTER® UK series) with those of an intensive cooling system (AIRMASTER® IKK series).

This makes it possible to integrate all thermal processes, in particular intensive cooling in one system.

The AIRMASTER® IC InterCooler can be used in almost unlimited potential applications. These range from classic applications like warming, drying, smoking, cooking, baking, hot air cooking, maturing etc. to all kinds of cooling processes, from continuous showering to interval showering (with and without ECO-Boost fine atomisation) and active intensive cooling.

Manufacturing small sausages, for instance, is a breeze, delivering a juicy, plump product within shortest process time and with highest yields.


·      All processes in a single system: warming - drying - smoking - cooking - showering - intensive cooling

·      Cold, ready to package goods after a continuous process chain

·      Best possible microbiology

·      Requires no expensive, maintenance intensive transportation system

·      Works without zone separation, so there are no downtimes of individual system sections

·      100 % flexibility, 100 % utilisation

·      Lower costs

·      Less required space

·      PLUS all of the other advantages of the REICH AIRMASTER® UK series

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